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EIS for New Jacksonville ODMDS

USACE and EPA have identified a need to either expand the existing Jacksonville ODMDS or designate a new ODMDS in the region. It is EPA’s policy to prepare an EIS for all ODMDS designations. ANAMAR was contracted by USACE to prepare an EIS, coordinate with EPA and other agencies, and perform site designation studies to characterize and evaluate alternative sites based on EPA’s site selection criteria. For this multi-year, multi-faceted project, ANAMAR has:

1. Conducted a literature review to compile and synthesize existing information and identify data gaps.

2. Organized and facilitated meetings including informal meetings, coordination meetings, scoping meetings, and public meetings. For each meeting, ANAMAR prepared an agenda, presented material, provided handouts, recorded meeting minutes, and identified action items to be assigned and completed.

3. Prepared a site designation letter to EPA requesting a modification to the existing Jacksonville ODMDS or designation of a new site.

4. Designed and performed high-frequency sidescan sonar of the study areas from EPA’s research vessel the OSV Bold. Two surveys were conducted to provide initial characterization of the seafloor and the determine the presence of hardbottom resources. Results from the surveys were used to help identify three alternative sites to be studied in more detail and evaluated in the EIS. In addition to analyzing all the data, ANAMAR submitted a complete report of findings.

5. Designed and performed two seasonal site designation studies to further characterize the physical, chemical, and biological components of the three alternative sites.

6. Produced a comprehensive report of results and findings from site designation studies that was used to help select the preferred alternative site. ANAMAR performed QA/QC on all raw data; compiled results into concise summary tables; and performed data interpretation consisting of benthic infaunal, molluscan, and epifaunal community characterization including community composition, abundance, managed species, and comparisons with past surveys.

7. Prepared an EIS that evaluates the alternative ODMDS sites; describes the physical, biological, and socioeconomic resources in the affected environment; and discusses environmental effects of the proposed action. As part of the EIS, ANAMAR also prepared a Biological Assessment, an Essential Fish Habitat assessment, a Coastal Zone Consistency Determination, and an Air Quality Analysis.


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