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Recon Surveys for Designation of a New Jacksonville ODMDS

USACE and EPA identified a need to either expand the existing Jacksonville ODMDS or designate a new ODMDS in the region.  The site selection process involved conducting reconnaissance surveys and more detailed site designation surveys to identify and characterize the most suitable locations for potential disposal sites.  Based on the results of the initial environmental screening, economic feasibility analysis, and recommendations from federal and state agencies and the public, two general survey areas (North Survey Area and South Survey Area) were selected by EPA and USACE for reconnaissance surveys.

In October 2009 and March 2010, sidescan sonar, single beam bathymetry,  magnetometer surveys, underwater video transects, and investigative SCUBA dives were conducted from the EPA Ocean Survey Vessel Bold.  The purpose of the surveys was to determine the presence or absence of hard or live bottom resources or archaeological resources within and adjacent to these two areas.  Based on results of those reconnaissance surveys, the configuration of site boundaries was further refined to minimize and/or avoid resource impacts.  As a result, three candidate sites (approximately 4 sq. nmi in size) were selected within the two survey areas for more detailed site designation studies.

ANAMAR was responsible for post-processing and mosaicking of sidescan data, developing a rapid-assessment ground-truth plan to calibrate the interpretation, creating a comprehensive resource database including GIS data and maps, and submitting a final report to be used for the next phase of the EIS.

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