Exciting New Research on the Largetooth Sawfish Reveals the True Range of this Enigmatic Species in the United States

Well ahead of International Sawfish Day (October 17) is this concise paper that Jason, and his colleague John Waters, recently published in Gulf and Caribbean Research on the largetooth sawfish (Pristis pristis).  Sawfishes have been in the scientific spotlight for several years now, as populations in many areas are reduced and in need of conservation and research.  Jason and his coauthor attempt to clarify and correct some of the misleading information about the U.S. range of this enigmatic saw-snouted shark-like beasty.  Hopefully, this species will be found to still occur in Texas waters, such as by environmental DNA survey techniques.  If and when this occurs, critical habitat can be designated following implementing regulations 50 CFR § 424.12, provision 5(f). Click here for the PDF: Ppristis-range-in-the-U.S-Seitz-and-Waters-2018 

Seitz, J.C. and J.D. Waters.  2018.  Clarifying the range of the endangered largetooth sawfish in the United States.  Gulf and Caribbean Research 29:15–22.




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