The Georgetown Harbor Federal Navigation Channel is in Winyah Bay, Georgetown Cunty, South Carolina, approximately 50 miles north of Charleston, South Carolina. ANAMAR was contracted by USACE Charleston District to perform sampling, testing, reporting, and evaluation of maintenance dredge material for two types of dredge material disposal: offshore disposal in the Georgetown ODMDS and upland disposal in a confined disposal facility. The project is designed to maintain navigation efficiency and safety within the Georgetown Harbor shipping channels. ANAMAR provided all necessary information to determine the suitability of dredged material for disposal at either the Georgetown ODMDS or an upland disposal facility located near Georgetown.

Project Statute

  • MPRSA Section 103
  • CWA Section 404

Areas to be dredged were divided into seven project-specific dredging units representing defined associated channel reaches throughout the Georgetown entrance channel and Winyah Bay navigation channel based on expected sediment characteristics. Field sampling was conducted in January and February of 2016 and involved collection of vibracore and grab sediment samples and site water. ANAMAR coordinated and directed field operations and worked closely with USACE and EPA to design sampling and analysis schemes, perform sample collection, and subcontract laboratory analysis. ANAMAR reviewed all data and produced two reports summarizing the results of the physical, chemical, toxicological, and bioaccumulation analysis of samples in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory agencies, along with a sediment evaluation report for use by USACE in obtaining concurrence from EPA.