Environmental Monitoring

Natural community assessment

We’re in our element conducting Environmental Monitoring and natural community assessments. Through our wealth of environmental knowledge and industry experience, we:

  • Characterize natural communities and their functions and assess habitat quality
  • Identify risks to certain areas
  • Prepare management and mitigation recommendations

Environmental Monitoring Services

  • Threatened and Endangered species surveys
  • Essential Fish Habitat assessments
  • Habitat evaluations
  • Natural resource assessments
  • Wetland delineations and assessments
  • Vegetation monitoring including exotic/nuisance species surveys

Federal Government Information

With over two decades of experience working for the federal government, ANAMAR Environmental Consulting is committed to supporting initiatives and ensuring diligent compliance with all regulations and contract terms. ANAMAR is proud to be a trusted partner of numerous government agencies, offering exceptional performance and expertise in navigational support, NEPA compliance, and environmental permitting.

Environmental Monitoring NAICS Codes


Environmental Consulting Services


Testing Laboratories and Services


Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical ) Services


Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services


Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services