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Fernandina Beach ODMDS Habitat Assessment

The Fernandina Beach ODMDS is managed by EPA Region 4 in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The site is located in an area abundant in scattered natural hardbottom habitats and is used in support of both civil works and U.S. Navy operations.  Identifying the location and extent of the habitat will allow EPA and USACE to manage upcoming disposal activities so that any habitat impact is minimized.

To identify the location and extent of the habitat, sidescan sonar, single beam bathymetry, and underwater video transects were conducted from the EPA Ocean Survey Vessel Bold.  Sidescan sonar transects and video transects were completed across the ODMDS to provide imagery and ground-truthing of the sidescan sonar record.  These data were augmented by collecting high-resolution sidescan data over areas of suspected habitat.  ANAMAR was responsible for post-processing and mosaicking of sidescan data and creating a resource database of GIS data and maps of geologic features, bottom type, and disposal material.

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