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Canaveral Port Authority, Banana River Feasibility Study – Phase I, Brevard County, Florida

Canaveral Port Authority contracted ANAMAR, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., and Scheda Ecological Associates, Inc. to collect and review the necessary data to determine the initial feasibility for expansion of port facilities into the Banana River and to identify potential regulatory constraints with regard to threatened and endangered species.

A desktop review of pertinent GIS, aerial, and bathymetric data was performed to provide baseline information regarding physical characteristics associated with the project area.  Field observation data were also collected to further characterize and document existing resources in the project area, including seagrass presence and coverage, sensitive species presence, bottom composition, coral outcroppings, and additional bathymetric data.  The data were used to identify sensitive habitat areas for species of special concern and other potential issues related to filling for future development within the project area.

The final report identifies data sources used in the desktop review, describes field survey methods, and provides figures and tables depicting the project area and aquatic species identified during the field survey.  The report summarizes initial findings regarding project feasibility.  Three potential scenarios are discussed for filling/development of the project area.  Benefits/drawbacks of each scenario are described relative to natural resource impacts, permitting constraints, and usable upland creation.  This information will be used to guide plan formulation and conceptual design activities.

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