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Atlanta Dredging Seminar

In 2006, EPA contracted ANAMAR to edit, format, and add chapters on statistical analysis and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures to the Southeast Regional Implementation Manual (SERIM), a guidance document for testing, assessing, and managing dredge material designated for ocean disposal in coastal waters of the southeastern U.S.
Upon completing the SERIM, ANAMAR was contracted to develop six training modules for implementing the revised SERIM, covering the following topics:

1. The Tiered Testing Process, including the exclusionary criteria and confirmatory analysis in Tier 1
2. Recommendations for the Sampling Plan Design (i.e., number, location and depth of samples)
3. Analytical Procedures and Reporting Limits
4. Selection of Bioassay Organisms
5. Data Reporting and Statistics
6. Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance Project Plan Requirements

In July 2008, a 1-week seminar to present the training modules was held at EPA Region 4 headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees included personnel involved in ocean disposal of dredged material from each USACE District in the South Atlantic Division and EPA Region 4 personnel. ANAMAR helped manage conference calls, recruit speakers, and plan the agenda. We also managed several aspects of the seminar, presented the training modules, and provided IT support during the seminar.
USACE and EPA benefited from ANAMAR’s complete knowledge of the new manual, ANAMAR’S changes and updates to the manual, and our extensive experience performing sediment evaluations.

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