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Endangered Species Management Plan (ESMP), Wetland Delineation, and Swamp Blood-wood Survey, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

Fort Buchanan is an active U.S. Army installation located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The USACE Jacksonville District contracted ANAMAR to prepare an updated Endangered Species Management Plan (ESMP) and conduct a wetland delineation and swamp blood-wood survey for Fort Buchanan.  This information is necessary for the installation to identify areas of environmental concern and to develop measures for the protection and management of their environmental resources and endangered species.

ANAMAR reviewed and updated the current ESMP for two endangered species present on the installation, the palo de rosa (Ottoschulzia rhodoxylon) and the Puerto Rican boa (Epicrates inornatus).  ANAMAR conducted a survey of the palo de rosa to provide current density data and assess the status of the population.  ANAMAR also developed training guidelines for installation personnel on proper handling and relocation of Puerto Rican boas, educational materials for installation residents on endangered species and critical habitat to raise awareness, means for controlling on-base boa predators, and improved methods for reporting and recording boa sightings.  

ANAMAR performed a site assessment and wetland delineation on the installation.  A report was prepared identifying wetland limits and discussing wetland resources and management on the installation.  ANAMAR also conducted a survey to determine the abundance and distribution of the swamp blood-wood (Pterocarpus officinalis) on Fort Buchanan.   

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