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Meeting Planning and Developing, Reviewing, and Editing the 1991 Green Book* and the Inland Testing Manual† into the Draft Combined Aquatic Testing Manual for Inland and Ocean Waters (CATMIOW)

The Green Book* and the Inland Testing Manual (ITM) are national publications that provide technical guidance for evaluating the contaminant-associated risk of dredged material placed in open water.  The Green Book establishes procedures under Section 103 of the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972.  Section 103 evaluations are performed as part of harbor maintenance or new dredging to keep shipping channels accessible to ship traffic.  The dredged material is evaluated for placement in an Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site offshore.

The ITM establishes procedures applicable to evaluating potential contaminant-related environmental impacts associ­ated with the discharge of dredged material in inland waters, near coastal waters, and surrounding environments (that is, all waters other than the ocean and the territorial seas, regulated by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act).

Since these important manuals were last updated in 1991 and 1998, respectively, EPA and USACE worked together to identify areas needing revisions and updates and then looked for a contractor with the right experience and expertise to assist them in this endeavor.

EPA contracted with ANAMAR to help produce a draft of the new combined manual.  We surveyed laboratories across the nation to gather data needed for updating technical sections of the manual.  ANAMAR also organized and coordinated meetings and a conference with the National Green Book/‌Inland Testing Manual Team to discuss revisions and updates and to develop a draft document.  Working closely with scientists from ERDC and all EPA Regions, ANAMAR integrated new revisions and comments acquired from these meetings into the new document and reviewed the supplied chapters and appendices.  Deliverables included draft chapters, a draft generic Sampling and Analysis Plan, and draft QA/QC checklists.

EPA and USACE benefited from ANAMAR’s experience performing the largest number of 103 evaluations in the Southeast for the last 6 years.  This experience as well as our working with USACE districts and EPA regions has given ANAMAR invaluable and very well-rounded experience in performing 103 evaluations.

ANAMAR’s experience planning meetings, editing, and writing technical documents was also key to the successful completion of the draft document.

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