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Wares Creek Sediment Evaluation, Bradenton, Florida

The Wares Creek Flood Control Project consists of deepening and channelization of the existing creek to provide flood protection to surrounding areas. This sediment evaluation considered potential dredged material from Wares Creek from north of 12th Avenue West to the mouth of Wares Creek. USACE Jacksonville District contracted ANAMAR to collect and analyze sediment samples, elutriates samples generated from the sediments, and site water from four sampling stations located along the creek. The main objective of this evaluation is to determine the suitability of sediments dredged from Wares Creek for disposal within the existing Manatee River borrow pits. In response to concern from regulatory agencies, ANAMAR was subsequently contracted to collect additional data from the Manatee River and Wares Creek. ANAMAR deployed an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler to monitor current magnitude and velocity within the proposed disposal site and used the results to perform a scour analysis to determine if the material dredged from Wares Creek would be transported from the proposed disposal site during storm events. Sediment samples were analyzed for both physical and chemical parameters including grain size, total solids, settling rates, metals, pesticides, PCBs, oil and grease, and total organic carbon. The site water and elutriate samples were analyzed for metals, pesticides, and PCBs. 

ANAMAR performed a comprehensive review of all laboratory and field data as well as on all compiled data tables. A final report was submitted presenting and discussing the results of analysis of sediment, elutriate, and site water samples. The report also detailed the investigation, sampling techniques, and methods.

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