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Rogue Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) Expansion Survey off Gold Beach, Curry County, Oregon

USACE Portland District routinely dredges approximately 50,000 cubic yards of sediment annually from the Rogue River federal navigation channel from River Mile -1+00 to River Mile 0+10.  USACE also maintains a 3,000-foot-long small-boat access channel that is 100 feet wide and 10 feet deep.

Most of the material dredged from the navigation channel and the small-boat access channel is disposed of at the EPA-designated Rogue ODMDS, located 1.1 nmi west of the tip of the south jetty at Gold Beach.  The nearshore two-thirds of this site slopes gently westward, but the offshore one-third of the site contains rocky reefs that extend westward and outside of the site.  USACE has concerns regarding the capacity of the Rogue ODMDS and its proximity to the biologically productive rocky reefs.  For these reasons, USACE wishes to explore the possibility of expanding, re-orienting, or relocating the disposal site.

USACE Portland contracted ANAMAR to assess the sediment characteristics, benthic infaunal and epifaunal communities in a 1.3-nmi2 study area adjacent to the existing Rogue ODMDS.  In addition, physicochemical water parameters and underwater video data were obtained for analysis by EPA Region 10.  The survey took place during August–September 2019 using the 84-foot R/V Pacific Storm.  The following samples and data were collected:

  • 40 sediment samples for physical analysis (1 sample/station)
  • 20 benthic infaunal samples for community assessment (1 sample / odd-numbered station)
  • 20 water column parameter recordings (1 / odd-numbered station) for analysis by EPA
  • 6 underwater video transects for analysis by EPA
  • Underwater video from 2 video camera “drop” stations for analysis by EPA

The results of this survey are being used in combination with data generated by EPA from a 2017 survey to help determine the best course of action for the existing Rogue ODMDS. 

ANAMAR was responsible for coordinating field sampling logistics, subcontracting a vessel and crew properly equipped to assist USACE with sampling operations, overseeing subcontractors (MTS and MTC labs), providing data quality review and data quality assurance, preparing report deliverables, and technically reviewing subcontractor reports.  Sampling and analysis followed the 2016 Sediment Evaluation Framework (SEF).  Several reports were prepared that summarized field activities and analytical results including a sediment characterization report, a benthic infaunal community assessment report, and analytical lab reports.  Lab data were provided in the proper format for uploading into the EIM database.

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