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Environmental Assessment for the Charleston ODMDS Modification

USACE Charleston District has requested that EPA Region 4 approve a modification of the existing Charleston ODMDS disposal zone in accordance with Section 102 of the MPRSA to ensure that long-term ocean disposal site capacity is available for suitable dredged material generated from new work (deepening) and maintenance projects in support of the Charleston Harbor Federal Navigation Project and other local users.  The existing 4 mi2 (3.0 nmi2) Charleston ODMDS disposal zone is approximately 9 miles southeast of the entrance to Charleston Harbor.  The proposed action evaluated in this environmental assessment (EA) is an expansion of the Charleston ODMDS disposal zone.  Additional ocean disposal capacity is needed to support ongoing navigation channel maintenance and capital improvement projects that are essential for continued economic growth in the region.  The size of the proposed ODMDS modification area is based on current capacity modeling of the existing disposal zone within the Charleston ODMDS, historical dredging volumes, future dredging volumes for new work and maintenance projects, estimated shoaling rates, and capacity of upland CDFs in the area. 

USACE Charleston District contracted ANAMAR to prepare an Environmental Assessment for the proposed Charleston ODMDS modification project.  The tasks included:

  • Project Kick-off Meeting with District and EPA:  Coordinate and plan kick-off conference call, prepare meeting agenda, summarize meeting minutes and action items
  • Preparation, Revision, and Coordination of a Draft EA and Technical Appendices:  Perform literature review, prepare draft EA and appendices for public comment, summarize comments and prepare  draft responses, prepare final documents
  • Coordination Meeting with District, EPA, and Resource Agencies:  Coordinate meeting to discuss project prior to release of draft EA, identify any issues with proposed ODMDS modification, summarize meeting minutes

Accomplishments and Challenges

Prepared a preliminary draft EA for internal review on an expedited schedule


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