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Mayagüez Wetland Jurisdictional Determination and Delineation

USACE contracted ANAMAR to perform a wetland jurisdictional determination and delineation (JD) to determine if the proposed project site for the future Armed Forces Reserve Center will be developed within jurisdictional wetland areas as defined under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. The site is approximately 15 acres in size and is located south of Eugenio María de Hostos Airport access road, Sabanetas Ward, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

In July 2009 and in cooperation with Reforesta, Inc., ANAMAR completed as site assessment and JD of the site. Pedestrian surveys were conducted throughout the site and within 100 feet of the property boundary. Several upland and wetland sample points were established within the survey area to assess and characterize vegetation, hydrology, and soils. Soils pits were dug at sample points and soil profile characteristics were described on field sheets. After each wetland point was established, the wetland limit was visibly marked so the boundary is evident and can be seen above the >8 foot-tall grass. A GPS point was also taken at each point for mapping purposes.

To determine whether wetland areas on and adjacent to the property are jurisdictional, the field team reviewed maps, soil surveys, aerial photography using Google Earth, and surveyed neighboring properties for culverts that would provide a connection from the wetland areas to tributaries that eventually lead to traditional navigable waterways. An Approved Jurisdictional Determination Form was completed for the site. Results and maps of the wetland delineation were summarized and presented in a final report.

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