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MPRSA Section 103 Sediment Characterization and Testing, Corpus Christi Ship Channel, Port Aransas, TX

Corpus Christi Bay is located along the South Texas coast adjacent to the city of Corpus Christi.  The federal project provides for a deep-draft channel that extends from deep water in the Gulf of Mexico through a jettied entrance channel and across Corpus Christi Bay, 34.1 miles inland, serving the ports at Corpus Christi, Ingleside, Harbor Island, and the La Quinta Channel.  The Port of Corpus Christi Authority is a major non-federal interest that supports offshore energy production, bulk and container cargo, military terminals, fabrication, grain, and a variety of other industrial, maritime, and government needs.  The project purpose is to maintain navigation efficiency and safety within the navigation channel.

ANAMAR was contracted by USACE Galveston District to collect sediment and water samples and report analytical results for physical, chemical, toxicological, and bioaccumulation parameters for the ocean disposal portion of the project under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972 (MPRSA, as amended in 2000) Section 103 (33 U.S.C. §1413).  Field sampling took place May 2014, and consisted of sediment and water sample collection for physical, chemical, toxicological, and bioaccumulation analysis.  ANAMAR directed field operations and took custody, delivered, and shipped the samples to the respective laboratories.  ANAMAR provided a sediment testing report summarizing all the data in accordance with MPRSA Section 103 and made recommendations to EPA and USACE regarding tissue analysis.

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