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Collection and Analysis of Pre-Dredging Sediments, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW), Winyah Bay to Port Royal, South Carolina

This project involved the collection and analysis of sediment and water samples from several selected sites in the AIWW to evaluate dredge material for disposal in a confined disposal facility (CDF), for beneficial use, or for offshore disposal.  The project area extends from Winyah Bay in Georgetown County, South Carolina, to Port Royal in Beaufort County, South Carolina.  The purpose of the proposed dredging project is to maintain the AIWW channel depth for navigational travel.  Project dredge depth is 12 feet plus 2 feet paid allowable overdepth. 

ANAMAR was contracted by USACE to collect and analyze sediment, site water, and elutriate samples from specified project locations for physical and chemical parameters.  Due to the large geographic extent of this project, the sampling locations were divided into several areas:  Georgetown, McClellanville, Charleston, Edisto Beach, and Beaufort.  The field team started at the northern extent of the project area in Georgetown, South Carolina, and traveled south to locations just north of Beaufort, South Carolina.

ANAMAR coordinated and directed operations for this project and worked closely with USACE to design sampling and analysis schemes, perform sample collection, subcontract laboratory analysis, and prepare final report deliverables.  ANAMAR reviewed all data and produced a report summarizing the results of the physical and chemical analyses of sediment, elutriate, water, and tissue samples of the proposed dredge material collected from the project area.

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