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Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis for the Ft. Myers Channel Maintenance Project, Ft. Myers, Florida

USACE Jacksonville District contracted ANAMAR to perform a geotechnical investigation and analysis of surface grab samples collected from the Fort Myers Channel and adjacent beach areas on Estero Island (Fort Myers Beach).  The purpose of this project was to collect representative samples from channel and beach locations to characterize physical attributes such as grain-size distribution.  USACE will use this information to determine the suitability of dredged material from the channel for use in beach nourishment at the adjacent beaches on Estero Island.

ANAMAR collected 20 surface grab samples from predetermined sites within the Fort Myers Channel and 28 beach samples on Estero Island along seven transects.  Evaluations included sieve analysis, visual percent shell, carbonate content, and Munsell colors for each sample.  Statistical grain-size parameters such as median, mean, sorting, and silt percent were calculated from the raw data.

ANAMAR coordinated and directed all operations for this project and worked closely with USACE to organize schedules and to collect, prepare, deliver, and analyze the samples.  ANAMAR produced a final report presenting the results of laboratory and data analyses of sediment samples collected from the Fort Myers Channel and Beach areas.  The report also details the investigation, sampling techniques, and methods.  

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