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MPRSA Section 103 Sediment Characterization and Testing, Ft. Pierce Harbor, FL

The purpose of this contract was to provide sediment collection and analysis for ocean disposal of dredged material and geotechnical analysis for Ft. Pierce Harbor in Florida. 

ANAMAR was contracted to conduct sediment and geotechnical evaluations to determine if the proposed dredge material is suitable for disposal in the Fort Pierce ocean dredged material disposal site (ODMDS) and to help identify potential beneficial uses for dredged material such as habitat development, shore protection, or beach nourishment.

ANAMAR managed all sampling operations and worked closely with subcontractors to coordinate logistics.  The sampling plan included vibracore collection of environmental samples at 12 sites, geotechnical samples at 7 sites, plus grab samples at the reference station and site water samples for elutriate preparation.  Athena Technologies provided vibracore services and geotechnical analysis and reporting. 

This project was completed on a fast-track schedule.  ANAMAR mobilized to the field within 3 weeks of receiving Notice to Proceed and succeeded in collecting all the required sample material and processed and shipped the material to the laboratories within holding times.  Sediment chemistry analysis was expedited to meet the required schedule for report delivery.  All sediment and elutriate samples were analyzed within holding times and with no significant quality control issues.  ANAMAR reviewed and compiled all the laboratory data and produced a report summarizing the analytical results of the physical, chemical, and toxicological analysis of sediment, elutriate, water, and tissue samples of the proposed dredge material collected from the project area.  ANAMAR also provided a summary report of the sediment testing results and a MPRSA Section103 Evaluation Report describing the suitability of the material for disposal in the ODMDS for EPA concurrence.  Additionally, a separate report was provided presenting the test results of the cores collected for geotechnical analysis.

“The contractor demonstrated a high level of technical expertise during this project.  They were able to mobilize and efficiently complete all requirements to support the accelerated project schedule.”

Rebecca Lee-Duffell, 2/13/2015


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