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Objective-Based Vegetation Management and Monitoring (OBVM) at Caravelle Ranch Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and Half Moon WMA, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)

The goal of the OBVM program is to provide timely data to managers, biologists, and administrators to enable science-informed management of natural communities.  OBVM quantifies the present and desired natural community and habitat conditions on managed areas. 

ANAMAR was contracted by LandMark Systems, Inc. to conduct plant community level sampling within Caravelle Ranch and Half Moon WMAs.  Plant community level sampling describes conditions and variability for specific plant communities.  It is a detailed level of community measurement that includes a comprehensive species list and various measurements including height, percent cover, and basal area to further describe the community components.

This project required navigating to sample stations using GPS units with a least 1-3 m accuracy.  Dataloggers were used to record and store all vegetation parameters collected in the field.  Sampling methods adhered to Standard Operating Procedures established by FWC.

At the end of each field day, a QA/QC check was performed by the field leader on all data collected.  Any missing data elements were either corrected or re-collected in the field, as necessary.  Final data were submitted electronically to LandMark Systems, Inc.    

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