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Flagler County Dye Tracer Study

ANAMAR performed a dye tracer study to determine the flushing characteristics of a tidally influenced canal system.  The results of this study provided model input to determine if a proposed marina to be constructed at the site would flush sufficiently within 96 hours.  ANAMAR personnel designed the study methodology and performed all monitoring, data reduction, and data analysis activities.

Rhodamine WT dye was selected to be used as a tracer.  This dye is a highly fluorescent material with the unique ability to absorb green light and emit red light.  By using a fluorometer, Rhodamine concentration can be accurately measured.  ANAMAR personnel designed all aspects of the dye release and monitoring for the study.

Five autosamplers were deployed throughout the study area to monitor dye travel.  Each sampler collected discrete water samples at 2 hour intervals for 96 hours.  A temporary weather station was established to log wind characteristics, and a multi-parameter water quality monitor was deployed to gather in situ water quality data during the monitoring period.  Water samples were analyzed for dye concentration using a Turner Designs Model 10-AU fluorometer.  Calibration standards were made using precise amounts of Rhodamine WT mixed with fixed volumes of site water.  Fluorometer readings were conducted on the standards and a calibration curve was derived prior to measuring each set of samples.  The resulting data demonstrated that the planned marina design would meet regulatory requirements that dictate sufficient tidal flushing within 96 hours.

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