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MPRSA Section 103 Sediment Characterization and Testing Report and Sediment Evaluation Report, Brunswick Harbor Navigation Project, GA

The Brunswick Harbor Navigation Project consists of approximately 30 miles of channels and provides access to the Port of Brunswick.  The project area that was evaluated for this effort includes the Cedar Hammock Range and the outer entrance channel.

USACE Savannah District subcontracted ANAMAR through Dial Cordy to prepare an MPRSA Section 103 Sediment Testing Report and Evaluation Report.  The tasks included:

  • SAP/QAPP Preparation:  Developed dredging unit and sampling scheme design, reviewed previous testing results, coordinated with EPA for approval
  • Field Sampling Effort:  Completed sampling on a compressed schedule prior to annual maintenance dredging, worked around strong currents and tides which constrained daily sampling windows, arranged shipping and delivery to labs prior to the holidays, quickly identified and analyzed samples for exclusionary criteria
  • Ammonia Toxicity:  Coordination with EPA was required to get approval for side by side re-testing using ammonia reduction procedures for the polychaete benthic test to provide a line of evidence showing mortality was due to high ammonia levels.  The results conclusively proved toxicity was due to ammonia which allowed sediment from this dredging unit to be approved for ocean disposal.
  • Preparation of the Sediment Testing Report
  • Preparation of the Sediment Evaluation Report


  • Completed field sampling and shipping under tight schedule
  • Able to use previous testing results to combine one DU = cost savings to USACE
  • 1 DU and 2 Wideners identified for exclusion from testing = cost savings to USACE
  • Prepared a comprehensive sediment evaluation report that did not require a request for extension by EPA for concurrence 

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