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Sawgrass Lake, St. Petersburg, Florida

PBS&J contracted ANAMAR to conduct soil and sediment coring and surface water sampling as part of a field investigation for the Sawgrass Lake Site Restoration Project. The objective of this sampling effort is to further delineate the area, depth, and volume of lead-impacted soils and sediments, which will be used for developing and evaluating reclamation and restoration alternatives. The primary purpose of the soil and sediment coring activities is to determine the consistency of the materials in the subsurface and evaluate the relative predominance of muck, sandy material, vegetative matter, organic matter, and the presence of lead shot and target fragments. These coring activities will help determine if there has been significant layering of lead shot, establish a maximum depth at which the lead shot resides, and determine the depth of a “hard pan” or consistent sandy soil layer under the wetland organic matter.

ANAMAR collected sediment and soil cores using either a stainless steel hand soil auger or a Lexan tube. Typically, the hand auger was used at stations with consolidated peat and the Lexan tube was used at stations with flocculent, unconsolidated sediments. At some stations a PVC casing was used to keep the upper portion of the hole from collapsing in and contaminating the lower depths with lead shot. Each sample was transferred from the auger or Lexan tube into a decontaminated stainless steel pan. The sample was then hand-sifted to determine if lead shot was present. Observations on presence/absence of lead shot and sediment descriptions were recorded at each sample depth on the field sheets. Most sites were sampled in 1-foot intervals until no lead shot was observed.

ANAMAR coordinated and executed all aspects of the field sampling effort in accordance with the Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP). The sampling effort was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

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