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Yaquina River and Depoe Bay Sediment Sampling and Analysis

Yaquina Bay is located on the Oregon Coast, approximately 115 miles south of the mouth of the Columbia River.  USACE maintains a navigation channel from the estuary mouth at river mile (RM) -1.2 to RM 2.4.  The federal project also includes a 10-foot deep by 100-foot wide and 2,035-foot long channel within the South Beach Marina. 

Depoe Bay is a small inlet 100 miles south of the Columbia River.  The authorized project includes two breakwaters that lie north and south of the rocky entrance.  A check dam is located a few hundred feet upstream of the entry of South Depoe Creek into the bay.  The check dam helps to collect sediment before it enters the bay.

ANAMAR planned and led the field effort and provided coordination with the laboratories.  Samples were analyzed per the 2009 Sediment Evaluation Framework for the Pacific Northwest (SEF), including physical and chemical analyses, to determine suitability for placement at the designated disposal sites.

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