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Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Martin County Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project, New Borrow Area

The Martin County Hurricane and Storm Damage Project authorizes construction of a protective and recreational beach along 4 miles of shorefront southward from the St. Lucie County line.  The authorized project was initially constructed in 1996.  Federal participation (cost-sharing) is authorized for 50 years from the date of initial construction and expires in 2046.  The previously approved borrow site, Gilbert Shoal, has been depleted and alternative sand sources need to be identified to meet the periodic renourishment requirements for the life of the project.

USACE contracted ANAMAR to prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) and supporting technical appendices, including a Section 404(b)1 report, Cumulative Effects Assessment, Magnuson Stevens Essential Fish Habitat Assessment, Coastal Zone Consistency Management Evaluation, and an Endangered Species Act Biological Assessment.  ANAMAR also analyzed and mosaicked high-frequency sidescan sonar data, identified and mapped potential hardbottom targets, and generated a report of findings.  ANAMAR helped organize a public meeting in Martin County to provide an opportunity for public involvement.  Comments were incorporated and addressed in the Final SEIS.

The SEIS and supporting appendices evaluated in detail three potential offshore borrow areas, assessed impacts on the environment and coastal processes from removal of sand from these areas, and discussed impacts to the beach resources from renourishing the beach.  Based on this information and input from agencies and the public, a preferred alternative offshore borrow area was selected.

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