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U.S. Marine Corps Terminal Blount Island Collection and Analysis of Pre-Dredged Sediment (Duval County, Florida)

USACE Jacksonville District contracted ANAMAR to perform sediment and water sampling in the Jacksonville U.S. Marine Corps Terminal at Blount Island.  USACE identified a need to dredge the main channel at Blount Island terminal to 47 feet mean lower low water.  The dredged material was to be placed at the nearby Dayson Dredged Material Management Area.  ANAMAR collected the required amount of sediment using a stainless steel Ponar grab sampler and collected site water using a stainless steel submersible pump and Teflon® tubing for physical and chemical analyses.  The samples were homogenized and shipped to the MACTEC Physical Laboratory in Jacksonville, Florida and Columbia Analytical Services (CAS) in Kelso, Washington for analysis using currently accepted methods to determine specific physical and chemical characteristics. 

Sediment samples were analyzed for grain size distribution, metals, total organic carbon, total solids, ammonia, organochlorine pesticides, PAHs, and PCB congeners.  Sediment results were compared with State of Florida soil cleanup target levels for both commercial and residential use (Chapter 62-777, F.A.C.), along with EPA Threshold Effects Level, Effects Range-Low, and Apparent Effects Threshold.  

Site water and elutriate samples were analyzed for metals, ammonia, cyanide, total petroleum hydrocarbons, organochlorine pesticides, PAHs, and total PCBs.  Water and elutriate results were compared to Florida surface water quality criteria for Class III predominantly marine waters (Rule 62-302.530, F.A.C.).

ANAMAR generated a draft report for review by USACE, responded to comments, and then generated a final report following approval by USACE.  

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