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Stormwater Treatment Area 1-E (STA-1E), Palm Beach County, Florida

STA-1E is at the northwestern tip of Water Conservation Area 1 (WCA-1 or Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge) about 15 miles west of West Palm Beach.  STA-1E was constructed on lands formerly used as dairy pasture, citrus groves, and sugarcane fields.  Conversion of the agricultural lands to a stormwater treatment area required compartmentalization into two distribution cells and eight treatment cells with associated levees, water control structures, and distribution/‌conveyance canals  The purpose of this contract was to collect data, perform an initial evaluation and a water quality performance evaluation, and, based on findings, provide performance optimization recommendations on STA‑1E.   

ANAMAR was tasked with evaluating the overall performance of STA-1E including the original 1994 conceptual design plan, construction as-built documents, and operational reports to prepare period-of-record water and phosphorus mass balances and estimation of phosphorus removal rates.  Site reconnaissance visits investigated system operations such as water depths, weir heights, and dominant plant communities.  Additionally, ANAMAR performed an independent investigation of a pilot periphyton-based stormwater treatm­ent area (PSTA) and presented the findings to the Technical Oversight Committee.  Follow-on work included an analysis of potential remedial actions that could improve water quality.

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